Sustainability Policies

As a responsible corporation, our Group always practised the sustainability philosophy in our operations and management of our teams. We are committed to contribute to the sustainable development of the environment, marketplace, workplace and community.


Although the Group does not operate in an environmentally sensitive business, we recognise its duty to minimise its impact on the environment. The Group has identified opportunities to reuse and recycle or minimise the resources it consumes as the Group believes in caring for the environment through efficient utilisation and recycling of resources.

During the financial year, the management encourages staff to recycle paper and reduce the storage of paper and documents. We educate the staff on the importance of energy conservation such as instilling good habit of switching off lights and air-conditioning during lunch time or when they are out from the office. The staff is also encouraged to fully maximise the benefits of ICT (eg. email, etc)


Every employee of the Group is expected to maintain the highest standards of propriety, integrity and conduct in all their business relationships and the Group is held to the same standard in its compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

We ensure that stakeholders are kept informed of the Group’s performance and have open channels for dialogues during our general meetings and feedback on our corporate website.

The Group will also support the market with good products, engaging in ethical procurement practices, and maintaining quality of its service and business offerings.


The Group considers its people as the most valuable asset. We believe training and development is important in developing and upgrading skills, knowledge and attitudes to ensure optimal performance. We constantly provide in-house and external training programmes to enhance and increase employees’ job-related skills, knowledge and experience.

We offer our staff an attractive benefits package, including Personal Accident Insurance and Medical Plan. The Group organises lunch talk regularly as social gathering to maintain harmony and build better rapport between employees. The Group believes that each and every staff of the workforce can contribute something, either big or small to the Company. We also continually reward and recognise employees for their outstanding efforts and performance during the financial year.

We strive to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all the employees. Preventive actions are taken to mitigate risks such as allocating First Aid Kit boxes in office premises and employing security guards.


The Group recognises its responsibility to contribute to the capabilities of tomorrow’s workforce. Since 2002, we provide industrial training opportunities to students from various colleges and universities.

We also strive to be involved in giving back to society by supporting the local charities with donations during the financial year.